Spoleto is an extraordinarily rich city of History, Art and Culture. Its monuments are all connected to a continuum that does not know breaks, from the time of the ancient Romans to today. Spoleto for his is unanimously recognized among the international symbols of Culture. The great amount of artistic and architectural treasures make this city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Umbria. The Duomo is an impressive medieval cathedral characterized by great character and mystical atmosphere. The historic center of Spoleto can be explored on foot and every Tourist will be struck by the narrow and cobbled streets that retain their original shape and their historical charm.

Umbria is an ancient green land, where everything is still genuine, where culture and art coexist in a fascinating and enchanting atmosphere.

Some of the most beautiful Umbrian towns around Spoleto

  • Acquasparta (18 Km)

  • Cerreto di Spoleto (27 Km)

  • Giano dell’Umbria (36 Km)

  • Gualdo Cattaneo (35 Km)

  • Roccaporena (66 Km)

  • Assisi (60 km)

  • Chioano (45 Km)

  • Macerino (19 Km)

  • Marmore (30 km)

  • Scheggino (12 Km)

  • Bevagna (31 Km)

  • Ferentillo (38 Km)

  • Montefalco (39 Km)

  • Monteleone di Spoleto (35 km)

  • Trevi (17 Km)

  • Cascia (47 Km)

  • Frontignano (73 Km)

  • Norcia (44 km)

  • Piediluco (51 Km)

  • Vallo di Nera (16 km)