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Enjoy your holiday….
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The first pool is all day under the sun from 9am to 8pm. It is loved by the youngest who appreciate the great size that makes it very suitable not only for swimming but also for playing in the water or on the lawn at the edge of the pool .. The second pool is romantic, beautiful, Fascinating, with a breathtaking view over the entire Spoleto valley. The sight spans from Spoleto to Trevi, from Montefalco to Assisi to finish on clear days until Perugia. It is ideal for anyone who needs relaxation and privacy.

First Pool
Second Pool



Swimming pools are:
– First Swimming Pool, 18 x 8 mts
– Second Pool, 12 x 7 mts


Swimming pools are not open all year. If your rental period is outside the period May 15th to September 30th, please check with us that the pools can be opened.Without notice, we could stretch or shorten the season a couple of more weeks on either end of summer.


Swimming pools provide summer recreation and entertainment. In a winter climate, however, the pools must be closed and winterized at the end of the swimming season to protect the pool, pipes and pool equipment from damaging winter freezes.